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Chinajoy, hormone and more?

So 2 weeks ago I went to Chinajoy, the biggest gaming exhibition of China. It has already became the carnival of youth in Shanghai at its ninth year. Before I went there I’ve heard this event from my friends, again and again. They kept telling me the awesome gifts from gaming companies and beautiful&sexy girls who are almost naked. But none of them talked about games there. None. That made me want to see what’s going on there. Why gaming isn’t the theme of a gaming exhibition.

The exhibition lasted 4 days. I went there friday with more than 30k people. When I stepped into the hall, the smell of hormone rushed into my nose. It’s a smell of exciting, passionate mixed with sweat. Showgirls, cosplayed the characters in the games with very few clothes,  were dancing/catwalking with loud music and noisy host. Thousands of youth, almost boys, stood in front of the stage, swing their hands with heads high. I know this sounds like cult.

Then I tried to talk to some kids and btw took some pictures. The most impressive quotes came from A Xin, a university student. He told me World of Warcraft is his favorite and he spend 2 hours a day playing online game. But he still got 3-4 times a week to play basketball!

Previously I thought gaming is the enemy of sports, somehow they are competitors! Kids in China have so much time after they go to university. It’s a relieve, they finished Gao Kao and transferred from high school to university. The pressure from study suddenly reduce to very low. Gaming and sports are the two most popular entertainment among kids. They share kids’ spare time and compete with each other. But none of them can kill each other. The possible solutions may be: Use your advantage; Learn the advantage of your competitor. Many ways to approach that: Make sports more funny, learn phycology from gaming, be attractive/addictive to kids.

I also saw girls there, the amount is really out of my expectation. I estimated 30% of people there are girls, they were everywhere. Maybe some of them came here for cosplay, but some are actually for gaming. Xiao Xi, a high school girl, told me she spend 2 hours playing games everyday. The games she mentioned are cute-style, funny and easy to play. I think girls now become a important part of gaming world, they can’t be ignored. And I know both Nintendo and local gaming company like QQ also knew that. But I believe there will be some interesting facts which will tell us how to attract girls of digital generation.

To be continued…