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The Ball Is Round – interesting stuff about football in China

Xinjiang Football – Another land of hope

You may not heard them before – but they are coming. This week over 35,000 attendants came to Xinjiang Sports Stadium for a 中乙 (3rd level) match between Xinjiang Haitang and Tianjin Huochetou. Xinjiang people have been crazy for football for many years, but until this year they never have a professional football team. Experts believe Uighur’s natural fitness and agility are strong advantages to play football, a hopefully good source of talents for the national team.To promote football in Xinjiang, local government set regulation to encourage new county level school to build football pitch and arrange school football team. Let’s wait and see how it goes.

Rumor says Guizhou Maotai Renhe (formerly Shaanxi Renhe)  is reaching Ronaldinho and Arshavin… 

Maotai is the most expensive Baijiu alcohol which are mostly consumed by Chinese government officers. That makes a lot of sense.

Sorry you have leave the stadium during the match

Next time you go to Dalian Jinzhou Stadium as the fan of away team, you may need to prepare for a 70-min match. Fans from Guangzhou and Shanghai claimed they were “forced” to leave the stadium at the 70 minute of the match – the police and security believe that’s the perfect right way to keep the situation safe and harmony.

Also check out the most crazy and passionate commentator in China – Mr “hahaha” Jiao, from Dalian too.

China Construction Bank – Destruct AC Milan

CCB launched a credit card for AC Milan in China few years ago, which featured some of the best players on earth.

While as Inzaghi and Nesta both said goodbye to San Siro this week, all the these talents has gone. So fans called it the curse of CCB.

Say Goodbye to Mr Lee Jang-Soo

A 5 min video for Coach Lee was broadcasted on the screen of Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium last Sunday. Replaced by World Cup champion coach Mr Lippi, Lee has left Guangzhou Hengda and China last week. Fans of Guangzhou will not forget him – who help the team to be promoted to CSL and win the champion at the first year.

The Pretty Press Officer

Dong Haimian, the press officer of Team China, has become super popular online due to her appearance on the press conference of a U22 game between China and Malawi. Obviously people don’t care about the match – they’d rather talk about this pretty officer. Here is an interview from hoopchina.

Ex-AC Milan Player Seedorf Visit Beijing Guoan

Although Beijing says it’s about young players training collaboration, rumors believe that Seedorf is in talk with Guoan about coming to play CSL.

China’s Messi: Li Ming from Tsingtao

A video of Tsingtao’s primary schools football league became super popular among fans these days. The player named Li Ming play like Messi and scored 4 goals, 1 assit. Put aside the match, the broadcasting is quite professional.