Premier League, glad to see you in China.

I am now watching the premier league game between Arsenal VS Blackpool. As my team MU won last night, I am really looking forward the lost of Gunner.


Put aside the game, let’s talk about the league. As FIFA says, the Premier League ranked 1st among the top 5 leagues. Also I think they are very good at business application and promotion. Clubs earn much more money than others from other leagues. I really love their commercial.

Seems really successful? Yes, but not enough.

Why I say so? Come on, let’s look at USA and China. US is a football desert, people try to bring football to that country but failed. But people there do have a lot of money. No one would give up that great amount of profit. But China, people here love British football, they do love it, even they don’t have much money and do not want to pay for TV. But that’s OK, football is not just about TV, it includes jersey, scarf, shoes, community, and the most important part: advertising.

I think advertising really do a lot to the league. Even in China. Let’s see who is investing on Premier League: SC bank, Budweiser, Adidas and NIKE.

Sorry, I think I forgot the most excellent player in this game. Xtep, the Chinese sportswear manufacturer who sponsor Birmingham, attracted many attention after Birmingham won the Carling Cup overstep the body of Arsenal. They spent about 10 million pounds for 5 years’ contract. Is that economic? I think so, especially for a Chinese local company who really desire to step into international market.

As we all know, football fans love it, brands love it too. So please try harder, Premier League. You can not only spread football, but also earn money. People and cash here are waiting for you.

At the end of this article, the f**king Arsenal is two goals ahead Blackpool. So sad. Hope you lose this game, the next game, and all the games.


Boom De Ah Dah – Know your world? Not enough!

I love the mountains
I love the clear blue sky
I love the Bridges
I love when great whites fly

I love the whole world
And all its sights and sounds
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah

I love the oceans
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast
I love egyptian kings

I love the whole world
And all its craziness
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah

I love tornadoes
I love arachnids
I love hot magma
I love the giant squids

I love the whole world
It’s such a brilliant place
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah
Boom Dee Ahh Dah

Once I complained about the crowd metro; I complained about muddy air condition; I complained about my university, my city, my mother country.

But this commercial makes me feel much better. The world is not just the place I lived in. It’s a much bigger wonderland, a much more fantastic heaven. I think this planet is pretty good enough for you and me. And this is a much bigger incentive for me to “Go forth”, to “Just Do It”.

To Feel The World.

PS: Advertising is not evil. At least in this one.


Does Shanghai Metro Need Advertising?

Definitely Yes.

I am not blaming my mother country’s Metro, but comparing to our “dear” but upset neighbor, the branding of Shanghai Metro is kind of poor. Actually, they don’t have brand.

Tokyo Heart: Season 1. Season 2. As you can see, Tokyo Metro are using the most popular and most beautiful celebrities to promote their super-cool colorful subway.

Then Shanghai Hurt: Line 11.

“Blink to Arrive” by BBDO

What the hell is the reason to use western faces in a campaign which definitely targeted at Chinese?

Trust me, this is the best one they have.

“How the use the WC in the metro safe and clear”

Most time their ads are trying to persuade people follow the regulation and tell them that they should not bring bomb into subway.

Is it because the moral level of Chinese is lower than Japanese? Partly. But I don’t think the ads will have much influence on people. For me, I felt boring and tired each time I saw the ads in the subway. And I can assume that most people in Shanghai have the same feeling.

I try to think on the side of the metro administrators. Maybe they don’t need branding at all, because they don’t need to beg for consumer. People will automatically buy their product. Or people have to buy their product, even the product is awful. They sell monopoly.

They don’t need to concern about bus or taxi will take their customers away.

In Tokyo, the Tokyo metro company is not the only one to offer subway service.  The JR EAST are their major and powerful competitor.  TM have to spend money to tell people that their metro is more romantic and friendly.

In Shanghai, Shanghai Metro do not give a shit. But there still are some positive things. They setup social media account on Sina Weibo, try to communicate with customers. But I don’t think they are changing. They may just want to follow the great social media trend in China. I really hope they can try something new, try to hire a creative advertising company, for example WK, to help them setup brand. Or someday they will pay for it.

Let’s wait and see.

Celebrities Are All In

So Adidas just released their new global campaign and slogan last few weeks.

To be honest, I was shocked by their crazy “Celebs Sea” strategy. Some of them are not famous to me, but some are really impressive. (I am not saying Chinese National Football Team. ) In this TVC they have Katy Perry, who is representative of western pop culture. They also have Eason Chan(in the Chinese version) as the representative of Asian-Chinese pop culture. They try to cover every pop area or sports event.In All.

I thought Messi is the most important guy in that TVC, which on the other side proved that football is the first sport in the world, or at least in Adidas’s market concern. It’s kind of upset, because we just finished a football culture book for a brand. My colleagues and I spent 2 months on it and we thought it is awesome. But now, its major competitor used the very simple but very useful way to shock every football fans’ minds. Money made that happen.


Ok, this may not be the things I need to concern at my level. But I want to have a think about it.

1. Do we need to follow?

Only if you have very large budget for celebs and also media. I am a freshman in adland, but I can imagine a campaign like this will cost how much money. If you become the first one to follow them, you will become “Follower” and they are “Pioneer”. That really sucks. So the best strategy is: don’t give a shit.

2. But we should do something.

Opposite to Adidas, Nike always try to make things happen by “Influencer”. This is very interesting, because they are using totally different way to get close to their consumers. And they are doing not bad. That offers a way, that  brands can do something different, something unique, something your rival think you will never do.

I am also working on this, trying to think up something different in my life. My effort, my courage, my body and my heart are all in.

Group-buying, you should have a try

Last week I firstly tired group-buy. My friends asked me to buy one for our regroup party in the weekend. Before that I’ve heard of “groupon” legend, but I am not really a online shopping fan even I spent 4 years in university on studying E-Commerce. So I paid the bill using my E-bank account (Yes I have one), then I got a message with a 8-characters password. Then we went to the restaurant and it was pretty good.

After that I asked myself, “Would I come here later in my life?” The answer is NO. For most of the group-buyer, would they go back to the restaurant or product again? I think Most of them will keep searching for new coupons and ignore most of his/her group-buying experiences.

How do vendors measure the effect of a group-buying campaign or advertising? A group-buying campaign will cost the vendor large amount of money (or energy), should they bulit a KPI system or ask the group-buying website to offer one? Because most of the vendors now are small or independent business, they would not and could not measure the effect correctly and quickly. So a industry standard or regulation should be bulid as soon as possible to protect the right of not only consumers but also vendors.

This is a post written by mobile, while my laptop broke again.

Nuclear or Salt, it’s not a question

Long time no see my dear friends (only if there are)!

This blog has been ignored for about two weeks because the owner was swimming in the ocean of nuclear radiation with great happiness. I did not buy any salt, no only because I live along in Shanghai, but also due to my great doctor-parents. They just called me and said that they have stored over 1 box of iodine plates. In case of been gave up by my mother country, I also ordered Salt Chicken in yesterday’s dinner. Yes, the whole country is crazy for salt. That sounds like the 1.3 billion people just went back to 15th century through a hugh time machine(That must be very HUGE). That is because our neighbor, the Great Sunrise Empire, was just fucked by the great earthquake and themselves’ stupid nuclear power station. And our far far away neighbor, the Great Policeman of the World, their people are also crazy for iodine plate. But I think they are a bit smarter than my people, at least they do not try to die salty.

All of those recalled my memory of the “Herd theory” book, Which is the first English book I read. According to the book, people do something not because they know why and how. Most of the time people do something influence by other people. So who’s the influencer in this SALT disaster? Let me know if you have any evidence.

My POV is, let’s enjoy the f**king amazing time before 2012 and waiting for the incoming or not-incoming catastrophe. That will be awesome if you have 7 billion people to die together with you at the same time. Who Ha 2012!

What is communication?

Communication is when some stupid fan of Liverpool showing up in front of you and you just punch on his face.

That’s the best way to teach them respect.

While, because of one of our stupid clients (you can’t see this), I have to rewrite a make-up blog. And the views of the last blog article is 17. We 4 people spend about 20 minutes talking on phone not trying to please these 17 audiences, but to please our client.  At that moment I remember something, something Dan Wieden (or John Jay) has said, “Don’t work for stupid people”. But I have to do that, because my parents ( and from my grand grand ancestors) told me I have to tolerate some silly things, in order to win the opportunity to work awesome stuff.

Whatever, I tried to expressed my opinion today, and I feel good.

Is it too over for an intern?