Some new Internet terms in 2012


The term “Jie Cao” literally means high moral principle. It becomes a popular term in China’s internet community this year. Origin from ACG culture, it’s normally used as 无节操 (no moral principle) or 节操掉了满地 (moral principle is on the ground), to describe someone who compromise dignity for desire and do something immoral or totally not making sense.

The term “Xiang” literally means fly, but the netizens turn it into a polished way to say “shit”. Same to Diaosi, this internet term also came from Baidu Tieba, which is regarded as the powerhouse of Chinese Internet culture. A common use of “Xiang” is 眼角有翔划过, literally saying that some gum come out from the corner of the eyes, which means crying with complicate emotions.


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