It’s time to graduate, but not to say goodbye

Yesterday, April 22nd 2011, I took the graduation pictures with all of my classmates. I felt not good at all. I felt like lose something. I felt that I failed to grasp something. The young time just left me.

My school is not famous. It didn’t teach us much knowledge, but let us know what the real life is. Here we learn from the most ridiculous professors and study with the funnest classmates. We share laugh and tears, love and desperate. The most important thing I learned here is: Always be authentic. I have to say that I love this place. It’s really good to spend 4 years of my life here.

This summer I will start to work in a company. I am no longer a student or an intern any more. I am really scare about that, because so far I am the youngest staff in the company. I need to show my learning skill, my unique contribution  and my responsibility. To be honest, I am not sure about that. Once I was looking forward to the offer. But when I got it, I did not feel as excited as I supposed to be.

But that’s life, that’s job, that’s how people make things happen. I love this job, so I think I can make it.

At this moment the most important thing is: I need to lose some weight as soon as possible…

Hongyi (Leon) Lin graduated from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Songjiang University Town, Shanghai.


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