Does Shanghai Metro Need Advertising?

Definitely Yes.

I am not blaming my mother country’s Metro, but comparing to our “dear” but upset neighbor, the branding of Shanghai Metro is kind of poor. Actually, they don’t have brand.

Tokyo Heart: Season 1. Season 2. As you can see, Tokyo Metro are using the most popular and most beautiful celebrities to promote their super-cool colorful subway.

Then Shanghai Hurt: Line 11.

“Blink to Arrive” by BBDO

What the hell is the reason to use western faces in a campaign which definitely targeted at Chinese?

Trust me, this is the best one they have.

“How the use the WC in the metro safe and clear”

Most time their ads are trying to persuade people follow the regulation and tell them that they should not bring bomb into subway.

Is it because the moral level of Chinese is lower than Japanese? Partly. But I don’t think the ads will have much influence on people. For me, I felt boring and tired each time I saw the ads in the subway. And I can assume that most people in Shanghai have the same feeling.

I try to think on the side of the metro administrators. Maybe they don’t need branding at all, because they don’t need to beg for consumer. People will automatically buy their product. Or people have to buy their product, even the product is awful. They sell monopoly.

They don’t need to concern about bus or taxi will take their customers away.

In Tokyo, the Tokyo metro company is not the only one to offer subway service.  The JR EAST are their major and powerful competitor.  TM have to spend money to tell people that their metro is more romantic and friendly.

In Shanghai, Shanghai Metro do not give a shit. But there still are some positive things. They setup social media account on Sina Weibo, try to communicate with customers. But I don’t think they are changing. They may just want to follow the great social media trend in China. I really hope they can try something new, try to hire a creative advertising company, for example WK, to help them setup brand. Or someday they will pay for it.

Let’s wait and see.


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