Some new Internet terms in 2012


The term “Jie Cao” literally means high moral principle. It becomes a popular term in China’s internet community this year. Origin from ACG culture, it’s normally used as 无节操 (no moral principle) or 节操掉了满地 (moral principle is on the ground), to describe someone who compromise dignity for desire and do something immoral or totally not making sense.

The term “Xiang” literally means fly, but the netizens turn it into a polished way to say “shit”. Same to Diaosi, this internet term also came from Baidu Tieba, which is regarded as the powerhouse of Chinese Internet culture. A common use of “Xiang” is 眼角有翔划过, literally saying that some gum come out from the corner of the eyes, which means crying with complicate emotions.


The Ball Is Round – interesting stuff about football in China

Xinjiang Football – Another land of hope

You may not heard them before – but they are coming. This week over 35,000 attendants came to Xinjiang Sports Stadium for a 中乙 (3rd level) match between Xinjiang Haitang and Tianjin Huochetou. Xinjiang people have been crazy for football for many years, but until this year they never have a professional football team. Experts believe Uighur’s natural fitness and agility are strong advantages to play football, a hopefully good source of talents for the national team.To promote football in Xinjiang, local government set regulation to encourage new county level school to build football pitch and arrange school football team. Let’s wait and see how it goes.

Rumor says Guizhou Maotai Renhe (formerly Shaanxi Renhe)  is reaching Ronaldinho and Arshavin… 

Maotai is the most expensive Baijiu alcohol which are mostly consumed by Chinese government officers. That makes a lot of sense.

Sorry you have leave the stadium during the match

Next time you go to Dalian Jinzhou Stadium as the fan of away team, you may need to prepare for a 70-min match. Fans from Guangzhou and Shanghai claimed they were “forced” to leave the stadium at the 70 minute of the match – the police and security believe that’s the perfect right way to keep the situation safe and harmony.

Also check out the most crazy and passionate commentator in China – Mr “hahaha” Jiao, from Dalian too.

China Construction Bank – Destruct AC Milan

CCB launched a credit card for AC Milan in China few years ago, which featured some of the best players on earth.

While as Inzaghi and Nesta both said goodbye to San Siro this week, all the these talents has gone. So fans called it the curse of CCB.

Say Goodbye to Mr Lee Jang-Soo

A 5 min video for Coach Lee was broadcasted on the screen of Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium last Sunday. Replaced by World Cup champion coach Mr Lippi, Lee has left Guangzhou Hengda and China last week. Fans of Guangzhou will not forget him – who help the team to be promoted to CSL and win the champion at the first year.

The Pretty Press Officer

Dong Haimian, the press officer of Team China, has become super popular online due to her appearance on the press conference of a U22 game between China and Malawi. Obviously people don’t care about the match – they’d rather talk about this pretty officer. Here is an interview from hoopchina.

Ex-AC Milan Player Seedorf Visit Beijing Guoan

Although Beijing says it’s about young players training collaboration, rumors believe that Seedorf is in talk with Guoan about coming to play CSL.

China’s Messi: Li Ming from Tsingtao

A video of Tsingtao’s primary schools football league became super popular among fans these days. The player named Li Ming play like Messi and scored 4 goals, 1 assit. Put aside the match, the broadcasting is quite professional.



Everyone talks to Junior Planner

Account Management:

“Can you help to do a quick research?”

“Why can you planners leave so early?” (at 9 pm)

“How I wish I am a planner!”

“We are ‘Account Management’ not ‘Account Service’!”


“That’s how you brief us!”

“You planners never give us a clear brief!”

“I can be a planner if I want.”

“That’s typical planner’s thinking.”

“It’s a big idea.”

“Something like that…”


“Why are you here?”

“Don’t disturb my creatives!”



“I want to do it my way.”

“You don’t even have taste.”


“Don’t take it personally.”

Now you know how cool my job is.

Chinajoy, hormone and more?

So 2 weeks ago I went to Chinajoy, the biggest gaming exhibition of China. It has already became the carnival of youth in Shanghai at its ninth year. Before I went there I’ve heard this event from my friends, again and again. They kept telling me the awesome gifts from gaming companies and beautiful&sexy girls who are almost naked. But none of them talked about games there. None. That made me want to see what’s going on there. Why gaming isn’t the theme of a gaming exhibition.

The exhibition lasted 4 days. I went there friday with more than 30k people. When I stepped into the hall, the smell of hormone rushed into my nose. It’s a smell of exciting, passionate mixed with sweat. Showgirls, cosplayed the characters in the games with very few clothes,  were dancing/catwalking with loud music and noisy host. Thousands of youth, almost boys, stood in front of the stage, swing their hands with heads high. I know this sounds like cult.

Then I tried to talk to some kids and btw took some pictures. The most impressive quotes came from A Xin, a university student. He told me World of Warcraft is his favorite and he spend 2 hours a day playing online game. But he still got 3-4 times a week to play basketball!

Previously I thought gaming is the enemy of sports, somehow they are competitors! Kids in China have so much time after they go to university. It’s a relieve, they finished Gao Kao and transferred from high school to university. The pressure from study suddenly reduce to very low. Gaming and sports are the two most popular entertainment among kids. They share kids’ spare time and compete with each other. But none of them can kill each other. The possible solutions may be: Use your advantage; Learn the advantage of your competitor. Many ways to approach that: Make sports more funny, learn phycology from gaming, be attractive/addictive to kids.

I also saw girls there, the amount is really out of my expectation. I estimated 30% of people there are girls, they were everywhere. Maybe some of them came here for cosplay, but some are actually for gaming. Xiao Xi, a high school girl, told me she spend 2 hours playing games everyday. The games she mentioned are cute-style, funny and easy to play. I think girls now become a important part of gaming world, they can’t be ignored. And I know both Nintendo and local gaming company like QQ also knew that. But I believe there will be some interesting facts which will tell us how to attract girls of digital generation.

To be continued…


GUNDAM is my favorite cartoon.

It began broadcasting almost 10 years before I was born.  I can still remember the first time I saw “Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory”. It was a hot summer in 2003 and I was 14 years old. After some extra-study courses in daytime, I spent most of my night time staying in my small room with air condition opening all night. At first I chat with my friends online, but soon we found we had nothing to talk. I had to circle the Internet here and there to find something interesting. Then came Gundam. I download the whole series and soon addicted to it. When it finished, I was almost crying! After that, I keep following this cartoon, the legend.

Although it’s all about huge war machine Gundams’ fighting, the main theme of this cartoon is anti-war. After the evil war Japanese has brought to the Asia, the writers, who definitely are Japanese people, began regret. As a Chinese, I feel real happy to see our neighbor, at least some of them, have released the sin of war.

Apart from politic, the music of Gundam must be the best part of this cartoon. I think not only because the producer has very good taste, but also because most of Japanese musicians would like to write a song for this great legendary cartoon. Gundam now is a culture phenomenon not only in Japan but also the whole world.

I am writing this post because today I suddenly want to find a song from one gundam cartoon I’ve heard ten years ago. It’s in a selected album. But I can’t remember the subtitle of the cartoon. I am going crazy!!!

Sisterhood? Maybe…

So several people and brands are talking about “sisterhood”, esp in China…

I think “Sisterhood” is not just about friendship. It also includes the compete between girls, tough and bloody. But it’s positive rivalry. The common situation is, there must be one girl who is more beautiful than the other one. And the girl falls behind will try her best to win at least once.

So sports/fitness will be a good choice, because most pretty girls are not good at sports. Then comes the fight. No violence, no screaming, not everyone will notice. The pretty girls will also feel the challenge among the atmosphere. No doubt she will fight back. That’s humanity, and also the core spirit of sports.

Don’t worry, no one will be pissed off after the game. They will still be good friends, and the competition will goes on.

Brands can help girls setup the “closest enemy”, to inspire them to do more sports, to win the competition. No one will tell them the truth, and they will addict to the game.

Compete is the most important part of human beings’ life.

It’s time to graduate, but not to say goodbye

Yesterday, April 22nd 2011, I took the graduation pictures with all of my classmates. I felt not good at all. I felt like lose something. I felt that I failed to grasp something. The young time just left me.

My school is not famous. It didn’t teach us much knowledge, but let us know what the real life is. Here we learn from the most ridiculous professors and study with the funnest classmates. We share laugh and tears, love and desperate. The most important thing I learned here is: Always be authentic. I have to say that I love this place. It’s really good to spend 4 years of my life here.

This summer I will start to work in a company. I am no longer a student or an intern any more. I am really scare about that, because so far I am the youngest staff in the company. I need to show my learning skill, my unique contribution  and my responsibility. To be honest, I am not sure about that. Once I was looking forward to the offer. But when I got it, I did not feel as excited as I supposed to be.

But that’s life, that’s job, that’s how people make things happen. I love this job, so I think I can make it.

At this moment the most important thing is: I need to lose some weight as soon as possible…

Hongyi (Leon) Lin graduated from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Songjiang University Town, Shanghai.